Dear Me, Do I Love Myself Enough to Walk Away?

Dear Me,
Today I have decided to start loving myself. I love myself enough to walk away from those things and relationships that are not in my highest and best interest. Why? Because if I can’t love myself enough to do this for me, how will I ever become the authentic person I need to be? Love can be tricky, almost delusional at times. If I convince myself just enough I can believe that all the self-sacrificing that I have done is for the good of the relationship, when in reality I am giving blog-glowacki-walk-awaymyself away piece by piece. I guess I don’t always have the right or the need to be angry with my partner because what I am doing I learned while growing up, observing those around me, developing my understanding of love from them. Because I am an adult now, I need to understand that those around me who tried to role model love for me can no longer be the excuse for the behavior I engage in or am willing to accept from others. I have choices, we all have choices. I choose to walk away from dysfunction and pursue my purpose in life. Even if it means I have to stand alone. The fear of walking away from control, manipulation, criticism or even deceit can really be no greater than the fear of succumbing to something that does not bring me joy or happiness. I understand now that I should not view letting go as a negative, but rather letting go of something, or someone, can actually open the door to bigger and better possibilities. The very thing that I insistently felt I needed to hang on to was the very thing that was holding me back, not allowing my real potential to shine through. I should be embracing this opportunity to discover who I am, my path in life. I’m not being selfish to learn about myself, my needs and wants. I am practicing self-love, because when I do practice self-love, I am learning how to give the love to others that I would like to receive. Only when I know myself can I become the better me that succeeds in relationships.
Your loving Inner Child