My Experience with Past Life Regression and Dr. Brian Weiss.

This past week in July, I was at the Omega Center for Holistic Health attending a workshop conducted by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters on the clinical application of Past Life Regression Techniques to use in my own practice.  Since I was already conducting hypnotherapy with many of my clients, I felt that the added application of past life regression would be of huge benefit to my clients with specific symptoms.  Upon my arrival, and having read only 2 of his books, I realized there were many people traveling from all over the world and who have seen him on multiple occasions.  Not only were there clinicians and practitioners, there were many in the healing arts, and other professionals as well as those attending for personal reasons.  I felt a little out of my league, not as a clinician, but because everyone I encountered asked me how many times I had seen Brian Weiss and did I read all of his books.  Nervously, I would answer this is my first time and I’ve only read two of his books (interesting looks would follow).  I felt like I was in the presence of those who were on a personal pilgrimage and should have at least had the decency to read all of his books before I decided to show up, but since I was coming to learn the skill to add to my own practice I decided I had a purpose here also….and what happened during the week was transformative.

I had been Invited by Dr. Weiss to come on stage so he could demonstrate an induction that did not require any form of progressive relaxation or rapid induction, rather it would be a time bridge moving back in time relaying past events with my eyes closed during the process.  The conversation began to flow freely, and soon I began to feel comfortable and relaxed with the movement through time.  It was very easy to move into this hypnotic state as I began to easily and vividly recall childhood events and details with such focus, even recalling things that I had forgotten.  It was amazing how easily I was induced into a hypnotic trance, it felt like a casual conversation and almost felt surreal.  I could hear voices and people whispering, but felt no need to listen or even open my eyes, I was living inside the scene within my mind.  The entire process became even more fascinating when he guided me into a time machine and took me back in time, a past life time.  Once I stepped out of the time machine the picture of a past lifetime quickly unfolded in rich detail and color.  I could see the prairie grass of the open plain in front of me, the forest surrounding on both sides and a snow-capped mountain straight ahead in the distance.  He asked me if I could see anything and I easily conveyed the image.  He asked if I could see myself and what I was wearing, I felt the skin of moccasins on my feet.  I looked down and indeed there were the moccasins on my feet and I could also see the bottom tassels of my dress.  I am a young Indian woman, somewhere in my early 20’s.  I can see my black hair and one of the two braids running down my back.  I sense a man in the forest on the right but he is just there in the shadows observing.  I’m asked if the name of my tribe comes to mind and the word “Sioux” enters my mind.  I feel that I am Sioux and the land I am standing on belongs to me.  This is my home and my land.  Suddenly, in front of my eyes a knife appears.  It is not being handed to me but rather it is just hanging in the air in front of me as if it is a gift intended for me.  It has a steel blade and the handle is carved out of deer antler.  The back of the handle has a pattern that looks like animal fur, the front of the handle has a symbol carved into it, but I can’t see the symbol.  The knife remains floating in front of me.  Next, I am easily guided to a time when she is older.  When the scene becomes clear, I see tepees by a stream.  There are 6-8 tepees that are large enough in size for two families.  The women and children are outside, the men are watching over and the children are playing.  The tops of the tepees were painted in a sky blue and red pattern and made of animal hide with picture like hieroglyphics drawn on the inside walls.  This was now my time to walk over to the elder sitting in the tepee and ask him if there is a message for me to carry over to my current life, one with meaning and understanding to help me in this life.  His message is profound and resonates with me while bringing me a feeling a peace and comfort.  Time to leave this regression.  I am brought out easily, amazed at what seemed like a casual conversation, yet ended in so much more.

There were a few unusual things that solidified so much of what had taken place that day.  During the regression, every time Dr. Weiss would count down to move to the next scene, I felt as if the lights in the room were dimmed and once the scene was brought into focus it felt as if the spot lights were turned up and the room was illuminated.  This was not possible since, the lights were off and the audience verified they were off the entire time.  In addition the spiritual healers present in the audience said that they saw the illumination as well.  A spiritual intuitive said she could see my spirit guide standing behind me on the stage.  It was a male indian and that he was my grandfather in that past life.  The knife was a gift he had given to me.  After the regression I was approached by a different woman in the audience who told me when I mentioned the knife in my regression she got chills.  She proceeded to tell me that she does not know much about Indian tribes and culture but she did know a few things about the Sioux.  She was aware of a group of Sioux, known as the Santee Sioux, and the word Santee in the Sioux language means “knife.”  This connection for me was another affirmation of what I had seen, a connection that would help me understand what I had just experienced.  I went back to my room that night a researched the Santee Sioux learning that they lived in the area of the Big Horn Mountains extending into the Great Plains.

The next morning the spiritual intuitive who said she could see my spirit guide the previous day was kind enough to write down the name of my spirit guide as well as my name in that life.  I nervously opened the card later at lunch.  The card had a picture of a tepee and inside were the names.  As I read the names they made so much sense as to everything I had seen, as well as connecting me to important events in my childhood and reaffirming, yet again, what I had visualized.  Not only was I able to experience a regression but I was now able to see/ feel what my clients are experiencing during their regression.

The week of training was amazing and insightful.   Brian Weiss is not only gifted, soulful, and philosophical, but equally as humble and unassuming.  There is no doubt there is something significant in Brian Weiss’ journey and the message he shares through his books, trainings, and speaking engagements.  The experience will forever be indelible in my mind and has opened the door to a greater understanding of spirituality and my purpose in this life.

(On a side note:  Friday after a two hour delay in flight I finally made it back home.  On the drive home from the airport we (my husband and kids) stopped to get something to eat.  As I am recalling my regression experience with Dr. Weiss and the knife with a handle carved from deer antler, my daughters eyes grow wide with amazement.  My husband asked her to tell me what she had drawn this past week while I was gone.  She told me she sketched a deer and deer antlers in detail during my absence, and she normally does not sketch deer or deer antlers for that matter.  When we got home and she showed me the sketch and I was flabbergasted as the detail on the antlers was the same detail that I saw on the handle of the knife.  Again, any doubts in my mind hand been quickly erased.  How could it be that my daughter sketch something that I had visualized when I was over 1200 miles away?)

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